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Exciting Update from Mu-On: New Patch for Game Launch!


Hello Mu-On players! We've got fantastic news for you — a fresh patch is now available to enhance your game launch experience. We recommend downloading and using it for an optimal gaming experience.


Installation Instructions:


Download the new Patch .

Close all open game windows and the launcher.

Extract the downloaded patch to the root folder of the game.

Launch the launcher as an administrator.

If you have any questions or something to share, feel free to leave comments under this post. Thanks for your feedback!


Best regards,


2024-01-18 10:51

Super Package

Dear players,


We are pleased to announce a unique offer created just for you. Now, you have a special opportunity to support our gaming server and receive significant discounts on in-game currency!


Special Offer:


Maximum credit package - 30,000 WCoin for only $15!


This incredible chance allows you to quickly acquire everything you need in the game. Your contribution to the server's development not only ensures you unique bonuses but also helps us make the gaming world even better!


Additional Offers:


We also have other exciting deals that you can explore by visiting your personal account.


Gratitude for Your Support:


We express gratitude to everyone contributing to the server's development. Your support is a crucial element in creating a better gaming experience for all!


Don't miss the chance to take advantage of this unique offer. Remember that each of your contributions benefits our community.


Thank you for your understanding and attention to our project. Together, we are creating an incredible world of adventures!


[Mu-On] - Together to new heights!

2024-01-15 12:40

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